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Our turnkey “Missional Pathway Training” will give you the blueprint for leading your congregation to become active in the community.  Join the reFocusing team in: Atlanta, GA | May 10-12, 2016; Orange County, CA | June 14-16, 2016; Chicago, IL | September 13-15, 2016; Atlanta, GA | November 15-17, 2016


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Help your church get outside the walls of the church to impact your community. Let us walk with you every step of the Missional Pathway.

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Our team is passionate about connecting with you personally. Come to the next training near your city and get trained in a process that is helping hundreds of other churches become missional.

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We’re more than free resources and a website. reFocusing values interacting and building personal relationships with pastors who’ve decided to be missional, but just aren’t sure how. Find out more about our number one resource for pastors and church leaders all over the world.

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